The best cleanser for acne, oily, dry skin

The best cleanser today for acne, oily, dry skin you already know? How to choose the right cleanser for each skin type? How to wash your face with cleanser? One of the basic daily skin care procedures in that anyone can not ignore for a smooth, clean complexion is to wash their face. But washing your face with water is not enough, you need a better “assistant” that is cleanser. This skin care product will help you to remove sweat, oil on the skin, layers of aging skin cells, deep cleansing dirt and dirt from deep inside. From then, prevent the maximum ton. Publication of skin problems especially acne; Besides, it also brightens the skin, facilitating the nutrients in the white cream, moisturizer, can penetrate easily into deep inside the skin.

However, in the case of dry skin, oily skin, acne “attack”, this condition becomes worse after using cleanser. Why so? Understandably, you must choose the product of poor quality, not suitable for the skin or use it incorrectly. “Fix” the mistakes are made to wash the face really promote the use of offline!

What is the best cleanser today?
Today, there are many skin care products, skin beauty and face wash also. You have many choices but do not know which to choose the best cleanser? Dermatologists advise that the best cleanser should meet the following factors:
– Suitable for skin type: There are 5 types of skin: oily skin (oily skin), normal skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, mixed skin and each have different properties. Therefore, they also need specialized cleaning products. If you do not know what kind of skin, try the following:

+ Wash your face with water for 30 minutes.
Apply light pressure oil to the area of ​​the nose 2, 2 cheekbones, forehead and chin.
+ After 5 minutes peeling and testing:
– On paper with no oil or low oil. mirroring small pores, smooth skin: normal skin.
– On absorbent paper with clear seams; mirror skin, large pores , normal skin prone to acne: oily skin (oily skin).
– On paper with little or no oil; Mirror face is slightly lumpy, dry, there are many minor cracks: Dry skin.
On the paper absorbent of some paper (nose area) with obvious grease, some pieces (cheeks) not seen or less; The mirror will look oily, but there are dry, cracked or oily areas: Combination skin.
– Have clear origin: Give priority to quality and prestige products, which are highly appreciated by consumers.
– Do not choose products that contain lots of soap: Although they cleanse the skin quickly and deeply, but long-term use will cause the skin to become dry, flaky and lose moisture naturally, potentially dangerous skin damage. You should avoid it.
– Smooth, light, natural and colorless: This is a safe cleanser for your delicate skin.
Choose the best cleanser for each skin type

Cleanser for oily skin
Oily skin is characterized by strong sebaceous glands, frequent dandruff, oiliness, pore enlargement, dirt accumulation. Therefore, if not regularly clean clogging pores, acne is easy to cause, blackheads. Cleansing oil for oily skin and acne should be selected with a clay composition to help naturally remove dirt and mucus effectively. Choose a facial cleanser for oily skin, avoid using soap.
If you are having trouble with acne, choose a cleanser that contains high levels of antiseptic ingredients such as aloe vera, tea tree, pantenol, allantion, biotin, etc. face acne treatment has the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effect to help prevent the spread and development of acne effectively.

The best dry skin cleanser
Dry skin is less prone to pimples, smaller pores, but wrinkles are more likely to occur than oily skin due to lack of moisture. To cleanse dry skin, you should choose a cream cleanser, natural extracts with essential oils such as: olive, honey, coconut oil, etc. to help replenish and moisturize the skin.
The best combination skin cleanser
You can use two facial cleansers for oily and dry skin to use in the morning and evening. Or you can choose to buy a facial cleanser specifically for mixed skin.
Skin cleanser is usually the best
Skin is very easy to care so easy to care. But do not use indiscriminately skin care products because you can accidentally change the skin! Choose gentle cleansing facial cleansers with extracts from nature to better protect your skin.

Cleanser for the best sensitivity
Sensitive skin that is prone to acne, rash and itching, … so be careful when you own this skin. Sensitive skin cleanser should be gel-free, foam-free and contains panthenol, allantoin.
Steps to wash your face are necessary, however you should not be too abusive that every day should only be done 2-3 times depending on the skin type and absolutely do not wash your face too long nhé.
Hope this information will be useful to you!