Pour Taste

You’ve had a hard day at the office and deserve an Old Fashioned at your favorite watering hole. You get your drink and all you can taste is the pure alcoholic content. Not the smooth combination of barley and age, sugar and bitter, just alcohol. The reason? Perhaps your friendly neighborhood bartender is having an off day or a day off so you’re left with an unfamiliar face who is clearly unfamiliar with the scientific formulae of mixing drinks. You have several choices here. You complain, you get a different, more “simple” drink, or you leave and pour a glass of wine at home.

One other choice is to introduce said watering hole to a new way of practicing the art of the pour. More specifically, introduce them to Provargo, a Denmark based bar management system company, and their wireless liquor dispenser.

How the Wireless Liquor Dispenser Works

Less than a handful of other companies have tried and are trying to improve technology when it comes to liquor dispensing. None have come close to the ingenuity that Provargo has. They’re wireless liquor dispenser, the V4 DigiPour spout, is super easy to install and remove, it is pleasing to look at and it provides crucial and accurate information that goes towards the success and failures of the business.

These V4 DigiPour spouts are programmable to measure exact amounts as necessary, 20ml, 25ml etc at the touch of a button. Traditional pour spouts were designed to slow down the flow of a pour to perhaps trick the consumer into believing their getting correct measurements or more likely, to allow the pourer to react faster when the limit has been reached.

The V4 DigiPour spout is a classic combination of chrome and black which does not take away for the carefully designed logo, label and bottle of the drink. Traditional pour spouts although available in plain chrome don’t seem to carry the same care and attention to their look and design as the V4 DigiPour spout.

Provargo have proven by experience that their V4 DigiPour spout, generates an increase in sales. The exact measurement control prevents over or under pouring of a drink. In doing so, gives greater customer satisfaction and finer details on current stock levels and inventory for management.

The Inventory Management Benefit

The V4 DigiPour wireless liquor dispenser is connected to the unique cloud-based data system ProCloud. This system provides general overviews and detailed reports of the day to day sales and inventory. When accurate data is transmitted from the bottles’ units to the ProCloud, the ProCloud is then able to determine remaining levels of inventory and inform the user of the need to replenish said stock. In providing this information, no unnecessary purchases are made of stock that isn’t selling, and products that do sell well are appropriately level for demand. This ultimately leads to a healthier bottom line.

The ProCloud data system is also available in app form for smartphones and tablets. Using this, users are able to setup notifications of low stock warnings or shortage-risk levels. How’s that for a taste?

Learn more about the Provargo wireless liquor dispenser.