Leave Bath Tub Repairs to Professionals

A good repair job will leave a bathtub that’s very glossy, smooth to the touch, and also have a uniform appearance as if it had just recently been bought. However, these attributes will never be fully duplicated unless the person doing the bathtub repair is a professional. The skills and materials needed to repair a bathtub match those needed by a professional auto-body craftsman! Call us today and get a free quotation from Builders in Melbourne.

Quality work not only requires extensive preparation, the use of specialized cleaners, fillers for cracks and chips, and bonding primers; skill and experience are needed to properly spray on fast drying acrylic coatings. Simply put, you cannot get a good result from a spray can or epoxy kit, nor can you get the high durability that a professional will give you.

If you’re considering purchasing a porcelain repair kit from your local hardware store, there are a few things you should consider. First of all, these kits usually only offer you a very limited set of colors (while hiring a professional will grant you a near unlimited choice in this regard) and even their whites can be hard to match with your existing colors.

Additionally, most of these kits contain epoxy coatings which, though they are very durable and comfortable enough for use at home, are an older technology and do not have the same gloss or uniform appearance as the new acrylic coatings do. Also, these epoxy coatings will dry very slowly and gradually, meaning that the job can take several days to finish (no doubt you’ll need several layers of this slow drying stuff).

If that weren’t enough to dissuade you from the use of epoxy, over time this substance can turn the surrounding area a yellow color and even become chalky in appearance.

Kits that you purchase from the market usually only give you the needed chemicals. In addition to this, you will then need to purchase the equipment, tools and even personal safety equipment (such as chemical resistant gloves, respirators, exhaust fans, eye protection, etc.) that will be required for the job.

Purchasing the proper tools is very important. For example, a finish applied with a brush or roller will be very uneven and have a “painted” look to it. Only a high volume, low pressure spray tool can achieve a smooth glossy finish.

You should also keep in mind that some of the kits available on the market today are only meant for bath tub repairs and not complete bathtub refinishing jobs. Also some kits only contain cans of spray paint used only to hide the problem and not repair it while others require three days or more after use before you can actually use your tub again.