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Puka (Meryta sinclairii) is an evergreen tree in the family Araliaceae, endemic to New Zealand. It occurs naturally on the Three Kings Islands and the Hen and Chickens Islands, growing abundantly in sheltered valleys where the soils are thick and moist. Puka can also grows on cliffs with shallow, stony soil.

Puka grows into a round-shaped, evergreen tree, 8 m tall with a trunk and dark brown bark. The stout branches are covered with scars of fallen leaves. The heavily-veined leaves are large, glossy, elliptical, thick, leathery, 50 cm long and 20 cm wide, with long petioles, 35 cm long. Puka’s leaves are the largest entire leaves among the flora in New Zealand. The leaves are produced in dense cluster of 20-30 together at the tip of the branches, turning a rich yellow a few weeks before shedding. In spring to autumn, greenish-white flowers are produced in erect terminal panicles of up to 50 cm long. Male and female flowers are separate but are on the same tree. The fruit is a 12mm roundish-oblong, black and shining berry, maturing one year later, containing 5 black hard seeds.

Puka tree is a quite hard kind of tree that can withstand strong winds and even salt, this tree is ideal tree that is best for coastal areas. However, the tree cannot tolerate heavy frost. Puka grows well in full sun or partial shade, moist and well-drained soil. Puka is widely grown as a street tree and as an ornamental garden plant in northern New Zealand.

Propagation is by seeds, and branching can be encouraged by pinching out the growing tips. Puka is susceptible to black spot in humid condition and root rot in wet soil conditions. Pistacia chinensis (Chinese pistache) is a hardy, small to medium-sized tree in the family Anacardiaceae. It is native to central and western China, and is commonly grown in many provinces of China and Taiwan. It is grown primarily for its foliage that gives a striking orange-red color in autumn.

Chinese pistache is a medium growth tree, growing 8-20 m tall with dark brown bark. The deciduous and pinnate leaves are 20-25 cm long, 10-12 leaflets with the absence of terminal leaflet. The dark green, glossy leaves transform into a spectacular orange to reddish-orange in the autumn. The dioecious (on separate male and female plant) flowers are are borne in panicles of 15-20 cm long, at the tip of the branches. The fruit is a small red drupe, 6mm diameter, maturing to blue and contains a single seed.

Chinese pistache can tolerate dry, sandy and harsh conditions, and is a popular choice for street tree in urban area. It prefers full sun or partial shade, fertile, moist and well-drained soil. Whether your garden requires some maintenance, a fresh cut, e new shape, or tree services you must strongly consider getting to the best and most experienced tree surgery Southport arborist or gardener. You can select among tree services Southport businesses by going online and read facts and references about various local companies.